Sharp Smile Today—The Esthetic Alternative to All-on-4 and ClearChoice (Implant Supported Teeth)

For our patients transitioning from natural teeth to artificial teeth, our Portage, MI, practice combines 39 years of esthetic expertise (AAACD) with unparalleled surgical expertise to provide comfortable, secure implant retained replacement teeth at the time of your surgery. All-on-4® and Sharp Smile Today (our highly esthetic immediate-load technique) employ a unique "graftless" approach that saves you both time and money. Bilateral angled implants add strength, reduce the total number of implants and eliminate costly, time consuming bone grafting which require 4-6 months of healing time and a second surgery.

In addition, traditional replacement options require use of bulky, sloppy fitting dentures over a 6 month to a year period until the final implant teeth are delivered.

Dr. Sharp’s unique skillset in surgical and restorative dentistry (Misch International Implant Institute, Kois teaching mentor) and state of the art 3-D and digital imaging allows Dr. Sharp to preplan a perfect outcome including fabrication of a surgical guide for ideal implant placement for best esthetics, strength and safety. ClearChoice centers typically charge more, require travel to a remote city, and do not provide ongoing follow up and maintenance over your lifetime.

Dr. Sharp is local and is committed to your care for life.

Close-up of All-on-4® dental implants.
Sharp Smile Today requires only four implant posts per dental arch.

About Sharp Smile Today Implant Teeth: The Esthetic Alternative to All-on-4 and ClearChoice

Similar to traditional dental implants, Sharp Smile Today implants are titanium posts surgically placed in the jaw to support prosthetic teeth restorations. The All-on-4® technique is designed specifically for patients who need to replace a full dental arch of teeth. All-on-4® utilizes bilaterally angled implants which uniquely only require four implant posts per arch and eliminates bone grafting, making it an attractive option.

“The All-on-4® dental implant technique combines Dr. Sharp’s use of 3D imaging and surgically guided implant placement to allow many patients to skip bone grafting procedures and proceed with treatment.”

Traditional implant-dentures are secured with six or more implants, and require a sufficient degree of supportive bone tissue for a successful outcome. Some traditional implant patients must undergo bone grafting as a prerequisite, or are told they are not implant candidates at all. Worst of all, these patients must wear traditional ill-fitting dentures that are removed nightly for several months. Sharp Smile Today allows many of these patients to skip bone grafting procedures and proceed to fixed implant teeth at the time of implant placement.

Benefits for Denture Patients

When compared to traditional, removable dental appliances, the benefits of implant-
supported dentures, dental crowns, and bridges are significant. You can expect a far superior experience with dental implants, which mimic the supportive function of natural tooth roots. With Sharp Smile Today, you can enjoy a normal diet without restriction, and your implants will prevent bone atrophy for improved oral health.

Other benefits of Sharp Smile Today include:

  • Accelerated treatment: Since bone grafting is typically not necessary for
    All-on-4® treatment, you can cut months from your implant treatment

  • No pressure on surgery site. 

  • Cost savings: Sharp Smile Today offers a more cost-effective treatment process, especially for patients who are able to forego bone grafting procedures.

  • Teeth-in-a-day: Sharp Smile Today patients are most often fitted with fixed immediate teeth to wear home after surgery. Attached to your implant posts, this prototype provides an optimal temporary solution while you wait for your permanent teeth.

  • Provides an optimal "blueprint" for your permanent teeth.

  • Easier recovery: Fewer implants mean a less invasive surgical procedure and shortened recovery time.

All-on-4® Treatment Process

To assess your candidacy for All-on-4®, Dr. Sharp will conduct a personal consultation and exam. He takes time to go over your history and discusses your treatment goals, as well as evaluates your oral health and bone density levels. At Sharp Smile Center, we use state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment for diagnostic and treatment planning.

Prior to implants placement, Dr. Sharp creates a detailed surgical plan to meet your individual needs. He also designs custom Sharp Smile Today prototype restorations made of top quality PMMA acrylic. With 38+ years of restorative dentistry and implantology experience, Dr. Sharp has the expertise to meet and exceed your treatment expectations.

The All-on-4® surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, however, relaxing sedation options are also available to ensure your comfort. Following surgery, most patients receive an immediate confirmed prototype restoration, anchored to the implants. After esthetic and chewing function are confirmed, placement of the teeth is accomplished.

Explore Your Implant Options

If you are interested in a reliable, permanent solution to tooth loss, explore Sharp Smile Today treatment at Sharp Smile Center. We offer complete implant dentistry and restorative services, including traditional dental implants. For your convenience, we accept CareCredit® and LendingClub®. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Michael Sharp

Sharp Smile Center

Dr. Michael Sharp believes in using his advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better—inside and out. Dr. Sharp belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
We invite you to request a consultation online or call us at (269) 344-4004 today.

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"Eight implants and many crowns later, I have a smile to be proud of. With the aid of sedation, we got a lot done in a short time. THANK YOU Dr. Sharp and staff for getting me through my dental problems." Gene

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