Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A missing tooth or unstable set of dentures can dramatically affect your ability to eat, speak, or smile with confidence.

If you are ready to replace a missing tooth or stabilize your dentures, dental implants may be the solution for you

Find out why so many edentulous patients from throughout Portage, MI, and Kalamazoo are choosing Sharp Smile Center for their implant treatment...

Four Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

Predictable Results

Thanks to his advanced training and skill, dental implants placed by Dr. Michael Sharp have a 98 percent success rate. Because he handles the implant procedure from start to finish, he has greater control over your results.

Greater Confidence

A missing tooth can make your smile look incomplete or unhealthy. Implant-supported restorations mimic the function and appearance of your natural teeth, so you'll finally be able to speak clearly, eat your favorite foods, and smile again.

Better Fit

Compared to older methods of tooth replacement like traditional dentures, dental implants have major benefits. Because they are directly attached to your jawbone, implants allow your restoration to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.

Improved Health

A missing tooth can make you look older because it induces jaw deterioration and facial changes. Implants are the only dental treatment that can prevent these changes in the jaw, helping you maintain your facial features and self-confidence.

A Closer Look at Implants

Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and final restoration to replace the entire tooth from root to crown.

Ready to Replace Your Missing Tooth?

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Dr. Sharp is a highly trained dentist who can perform all phases of dental implant treatment at our practice serving greater Portage, MI. Because of his compassionate demeanor and state-of-the-art dental care, he has received hundreds of positive reviews from patients. He is a member of various renowned organizations, including: 

- American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
- American Dental Association
- Crown Council
- International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Restoring a missing tooth today can give you better oral health and improved confidence. Request a consultation at Sharp Smile Center by contacting us online or calling us at (269) 344-4004. 

Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews


Paul Hamilton

September 2019

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Greatest Dental Team on the planet, I am an anxious Dental Patient but with their strong desire to make me comfortable, I am in the middle of full implants with great hopes for the future. Thanks Dr. Mike and crew!!!

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Cody Lynn

October 2019

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I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sharp and his team. Everyone genuinely cares.

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What Are Dental Implants?

For the right patients, implants are the best tooth replacement solution.

A single implant consists of three parts: 

  • Implant: Implants are made of titanium alloy, which is a material used by NASA because of its light weight and exceptional strength. Titanium fuses with your natural bone tissue to provide excellent stability. With proper care, they can last 40 years or more.
  • Abutment: Abutments are small connectors. They anchor your new crown, bridge, or denture directly to your dental implant.
  • Restoration: If you are missing a single tooth, Dr. Sharp can create a custom dental crown that seamlessly blends into your smile. If you are missing more teeth, you can receive an implant-supported bridge or denture.

Advanced Training & Versatile Techniques


Our Dental Implant Expertise

Dr. Sharp has studied alongside dentistry's leading masters—like Dr. Bill Dorfman from Extreme Smile Makeover—and has completed studies at the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute and the Kois Center in Seattle.

Through countless hours of continuing education, Dr. Sharpe has received extensive training and certification in placing dental implants right here in his dental office serving greater Portage. He places traditional implants, All-on-4® dental implants, and Sharp Smile Today (our highly esthetic immediate-load technique).

Advanced Technology

platelet-rich plasma (PRP)


Our dental office is one of the only practices serving Portage and Kalamazoo to use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and plasma-rich fibrin (PRF) to expedite your healing and ensure the success of your implants. During your appointment, we will draw your own blood, place it into a centrifuge, separate the blood from the growth factors, and reinsert the purified proteins back into the surgical site.

This technique can promote faster, more comfortable healing.

Anxious about Your Dental Visit?

You're not alone.

*According to a 2010 study

Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Relax During Surgery

Many patients postpone this important dental treatment because they feel anxious about undergoing a surgical procedure. But we strive to make surgery as safe, comfortable, and efficient as possible for patients throughout greater Portage, MI, and Kalamazoo. 

Computerized technology has allowed us to place dental implants in less time and with minimal discomfort for the patient. Dr. Sharp is well-known throughout Portage and Kalamazoo for his gentle touch and expertise. Under his care, you'll always be in good hands. Plus, we offer oral conscious and nitrous oxide sedation dentistry to help you achieve deep relaxation throughout the procedure.

Types of Dental Implant Treatments

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional implants are used to replace a single tooth. With traditional dental implants, you will need four to six months to heal between surgery and the placement of your final restoration.


All-on-4 can be a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to standard implant-supported dentures. Using just four implants, Dr. Sharp can restore a full arch of teeth with a lifelike denture that can be placed right after surgery.

Sharp Smile Today

Sharp Smile Today is our very own implant technique. It allows us to immediately load implants on the same day of your surgery with highly aesthetic results.

With All-on-4, Dr. Sharp can often restore an entire arch of teeth in a single appointment.

What to Expect During Dental Implant Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of undergoing dental implant treatment at our practice serving greater Portage, MI, is that we perform all phases of treatment onsite.


Dr. Sharp will use his advanced training and technology to strategically plan the location of your implants. When planning your surgery, he will also take into account your budget, desired timeline, and end goals.


On surgery day, Dr. Sharpe will begin the process by gently and accurately placing the titanium post into your jawbone by using computer-aided technology.


Dr. Sharp will fit the abutment and crown on top of the post, creating a beautifully seamless smile. Depending on which treatment you choose, you will receive either a permanent or temporary restoration at this time.

Dr. Sharp handles complex implant cases from referring dentists.

Worried about the Cost?

Although the actual cost of your dental treatment will depend on many factors, the cost of dental implants starts at $4,500 at our dental practice.

Implants are a big investment, but the benefits can make them well worth the cost.

In addition to replacing missing teeth, dental implants can restore and protect your oral and overall health. We make every effort possible to find a solution that fits within your budget.

Paying for Dental Treatment

Our dental team wants every patient to enjoy the valuable benefits of implant dentistry, so we accept several methods of payment, including:

  • Insurance: Insurance plans differ widely in their coverage of dental implants. Our dental office accepts most insurance plans, and we would be more than happy to work with your provider on your behalf to secure the maximum coverage available for all stages of treatment.
  • Financing: To cover out-of-pocket costs, we also work with two third-party lenders: CareCredit® and LendingClub®. 

Choosing Us Is Well Worth the Investment

When you choose Sharp Smile Center for your dental implant treatment, you stand to get the best possible return on your investment. Compared to other dentists, we offer outstanding: 


Dr. Sharp has undergone an implant residency, and has placed over 1,000 implants to date. His personal success rate is over 98 percent.


Our reviews speak for themselves. Hundreds of patients have left us 5-star reviews on Google, Patient365, and other online communities, and many of our implant patients are referred by their friends.


As an accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sharp's aesthetic results are second to none. In addition to producing long-lasting and functional results, Dr. Sharp creates restorations that look just like natural teeth.

Loved by Patients on Facebook


Douglas Schatow

March 17, 2019

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Doctor Sharp along with his team are fantastic.
From the greetings when you arrive, the excellent care you receive while with Doctor Sharp. When you leave Sharp Smile Center you realize how fortunate you are to have a Quality place to go for all your dental needs. 
Thank You All

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Elise Stephens

December 23, 2018

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Last week I had a dental implant done by Dr. Sharp and the worst part of the whole thing was having to take antibiotics. The staff and Dr. Sharp are truly incredible. They’re compassionate, organized, friendly and care about their patients. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a dentist.

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Dr. Sharp

Sharp Smile Center

Dr. Michael Sharp believes in using his advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better—inside and out. Dr. Sharp belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including:

-American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
-International Congress of Oral Implantologists
-American Dental Association
-American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

We invite you to request a consultation online or call us at (269) 344-4004 today.
Dr. Michael Sharp

Sharp Smile Center

Dr. Michael Sharp believes in using his advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better—inside and out. Dr. Sharp belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
We invite you to request a consultation online or call us at (269) 344-4004 today.

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"Eight implants and many crowns later, I have a smile to be proud of. With the aid of sedation, we got a lot done in a short time. THANK YOU Dr. Sharp and staff for getting me through my dental problems." Gene

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