Daytime Sleepiness Can Be Deadly

By Kelli Vande Biezen on September 08, 2016

Getting good rest can save your life!

  • Do you wake feeling unrefreshed in the morning?     
  • Do you make noise or snore?
  • Are you regularly tired during the day?
  • Do you wake up multiple times during the night?  
  • Do you sleep on your side?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have an airway issue.  The original concept of sleep apnea involves an obstruction that interferes with maintaining an adequate airway throughout the night.  Research now show that sleep disorders are a disease that starts mildly and  progressively get worse, it's not simply a matter of having apnea or not.    

New Model of Progression of Airway Obstructive Disease:

Inspiratory flow limitation ->Snoring->Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome->Obstructive Sleep Apnea ->Central Apnea


 So why should you be concerned?






The impact of excessive daytime sleepiness can be deadly!

  • Research shows a 7 fold increase in car accidents 
  • There is increased risk of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity
  • People with non-apnea sleep disorders have a higher risk of developing cancer, especially liver cancer & possibly breast cancer
  • Sleep disordered breathing and cancer mortality association is stronger than any other cause of death including cardiovascular mortality

So….what can you do about it?

If you suspect a sleep issue, let’s talk further – we may recommend a simple home screening test that will give us valuable data & potentially improve your quality of sleep & life!  Schedule an appointment today with Sharp Smile Center

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