Your smile is the first thing people notice.

We will partner with you to design a beautiful and harmoniously-distinct smile that fits every detail of you perfectly.

Experience first-rate dentistry

Giving smiles. Transforming lives.

We believe in using the best of our advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better — inside and out.

Comprehensive care

We are a general dentistry practice in name but extraordinary dentists in profession. We cover everything from teeth cleanings to dental implants and even sedation dentistry.



We make it a priority to offer the best technologies in the dental industry for our patients’ dental options. Our technologies include: CAD/CAM, T-Scan, Invisalign, and more.


Positive experiences

Patients love us because we focus on educating, creating customized treatment plans that fit their lives, and pampering them with Tempur-pedic memory foam chairs!


We love delighting New Patients!

We have an incredible offer to ease any fear and exceed all your expectations, starting from your very first visit!

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New Patient Offer

  • FREE Sedation & A Cozy Blanket

    ($298 Value)
    (includes medication and monitoring, not any dental work) Some restrictions apply.

Meet Our Kalamazoo Smile Artist

Dr. Sharp is a world-class dentist accredited with the AACD and equipped with the most advanced dental technology.

Kalamazoo Dentist Dr. Sharp

There is no cosmetic dentistry specialty focus in dental school. Dr. Sharp has chosen to continue his education so he can offer the best care for his patients.

Here is what it takes to be a world-class cosmetic dentist:

  • Undergo a substantial amount of cosmetic dentistry education and high-quality training.
  • Prove his work by presenting real patient cases to a panel of judges for approval and review prior to accreditation.
  • Pass extensive written and oral exams to demonstrate cosmetic knowledge.

‘‘As owner of Studio 24 Salon Spa and a member of the beauty industry, it is important to look my best to represent my business. I get many compliments and have been 100% satisfied, and look forward to a future of knowing my teeth absolutely look their best!”

- Kathy

‘‘I’ve always had a great big smile! But my smile was changed after I broke the front five teeth in a bicycle accident when I was eight years old. After going through many years of dentistry that kept breaking and changing my bite and gum line, I finally found Dr. Sharp and his great team! Now I see myself as more confident and taking myself a little bit more seriously. My life is forever changed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

- Amy

‘‘After many years of neglect and inadequate oral hygiene, I began losing my back teeth. I put off seeing a dentist, not because of fear of seeing one, but because of the trauma I would go through with my gag reflex which I had all my life. Eight implants and many crowns later, I have a smile to be proud of. With the aid of sedation, we got a lot done in a short time. THANK YOU Dr. Sharp and staff for getting me through my dental problems."

- Gene

Sedation Dentistry VS. Dental Anxiety

Get rid of whatever hinders you from treating yourself to a healthy, beautiful smile.

You may be a perfect candidate for oral conscious sedation if...

  • You experience a sense of dread before your dental appointments.
  • You need an extensive amount of dental work.
  • You have trouble getting numb from local anesthetic.
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex.
  • You've had traumatic past dental experiences.
  • You fear the sounds and smells of a dental clinic.

Learn what patients are saying in our FREE Infographic:

How Does Sedation Dentistry FEEL?

Your smile deserves a second chance!

Restore function and aesthetics to your smile with dental implants.

Did you know…

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any tooth-loss solution.

At 98% success rate has been recorded for restoring aesthetics and function.


Dental implants are made by the same material used by NASA.

Titanium alloys are lighter and stronger than steel, thus ensuring dental restorations that last a lifetime.


Dental implants can benefit people of all ages and needs.

Dr. Sharp can determine whether you are in good health in order to be a candidate.


Come visit our Kalamazoo, MI dentist.