4 Reasons to Ask About Early Orthodontic Intervention

By Michael P. Sharp D.D.S. on August 29, 2016

When visiting Sharp Smile Center we don't just look at your teeth!  We look at the "four food groups"  in dentistry (teeth, gum and bone, the chewing system and the breathing/airway system).  Did you know we can we can make some pretty accurate predictions about your child's future by looking at their bone structure and teeth alignment?  With children, we look for harmony in the jaw, so when we see a narrow upper jaw we can predict it will result in:  



Early intervention guides the developing jaws while your child's bones are pliable and actively growing.  With a simple removable or fixed appliance it painlessly moves the developing bone and properly relates the jaws to each other.  

This will: 

  • Make room for the teeth and improve appearance and self-confidence
  • Improve the airway by making room in the sinus cavity
  • Make room for the tongue resulting in an improved airway, continued proper development of the upper jaw, and  proper speech
  • Allow advancement of the lower jaw into proper position, resulting in a healthy TMJ, improved airway, and better appearance & self-confidence   



                         The average treatment time is 6-12 months.  Call today to see how we can  improve your child's quality of life and reduce the complexity of future orthodontic needs!


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