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The biggest criticisms of traditional dentures are that they are often loose and are less functional than natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, are stable and dependable, which is why Dr. Sharp recommends that candidates explore this option. They can last a lifetime with proper care.

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[00:00:05.160] Implant supported dentures is a term that… [00:00:08.880] It's a hot trend right now in dentistry. [00:00:12.800] I don't like the term denture because whenever I support [00:00:18.520] something with implants, it's not a denture anymore. [00:00:22.720] Implants supported dentures with four implant posts in place [00:00:27.800] support a whole arch of teeth with that. [00:00:31.080] A lot of people who were facing a failing natural dentition [00:00:36.040] or had no teeth at all gravitated toward this service. [00:00:39.840] Dentistry that we do here, we're looking to support teeth [00:00:44.680] on at least six implants. [00:00:46.960] We like to have a little redundancy there. [00:00:48.880] We like a little more strength. [00:00:50.520] If you have six, you have a little bit of wiggle room [00:00:53.880] in case something were to change in the future for the patient. [00:00:58.200] Implant supported teeth or implant supported dentures are [00:01:02.560] for anyone who is transitioning from natural teeth to artificial teeth. [00:01:07.800] Implant supported teeth are probably one of the longest lasting modalities [00:01:14.160] that we do in dentistry as far as replacement. [00:01:18.160] They're almost lifelong in the sense [00:01:21.080] that, yes, you may need to refurbish them at some point in time, [00:01:25.000] but the refurbishing is easy and doesn't take much time to deliver.

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