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In this cosmetic dentistry testimonial, Anne says she noticed changes in her teeth, such as darkening and misalignment. She was excited to learn that a highly qualified cosmetic dentist was nearby, and decided to consult Dr. Sharp. Over a period of three years, she has happily returned to our office for veneers, crowns, and maintenance.

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[00:00:05.240] The reason I first came to see Dr. Sharp [00:00:08.600] was one of my daughters had mentioned to me [00:00:11.240] that in all our Facebook photos, [00:00:13.720] my teeth had started to appear darker [00:00:17.520] and almost like I was missing the front tooth [00:00:21.760] because of the shadowing in the pictures. [00:00:24.560] And I realized that with my age, [00:00:27.200] my teeth were becoming less and less attractive. [00:00:30.040] So I came to Dr. Sharp and I asked him, [00:00:33.400] "Can you make them straighter? [00:00:35.440] Can you make them whiter? Can you make them bigger? [00:00:37.960] Could I just have the ideal teeth?" [00:00:40.040] And he said yes to all the above. [00:00:42.680] That's what we did. [00:00:44.000] The reason I felt comfortable with Dr.Sharp [00:00:46.680] is that I did a lot of research. [00:00:48.960] I was actually going to have my veneers done in San Diego, [00:00:52.360] and I found that right here in my hometown, [00:00:55.240] we had Dr. Sharp who had the knowledge, experience, [00:00:58.520] expertise that the doctors in San Diego had. [00:01:03.320] And he was right here, local. [00:01:05.400] Having veneers has done for me is change my life completely. [00:01:10.560] As far as confidence and just smiling, I smile ten times as much as I used to [00:01:17.440] because I have beautiful teeth to show off, [00:01:19.280] and I didn't have that before. [00:01:20.840] It just gives you a lot of confidence. [00:01:22.520] It makes you feel very good about yourself. [00:01:25.240] I have been coming to Dr. Sharp for, I believe, over three years now. [00:01:30.280] After he did my veneers, I've used him for implants, for crowns. [00:01:36.200] He's done actually redid my entire mouth. [00:01:39.800] I have all brand new teeth and veneers. [00:01:44.520] Now I come to them to just maintain them. [00:01:47.160] What impressed me the most about Dr. Sharp and his staff here [00:01:51.920] is just their expertise, their continuing education, [00:01:55.240] how they are up on all the latest of everything, [00:01:59.320] and just did a fantastic job [00:02:01.680] with my veneers.

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"Eight implants and many crowns later, I have a smile to be proud of. With the aid of sedation, we got a lot done in a short time. THANK YOU Dr. Sharp and staff for getting me through my dental problems." Gene

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