Sedation Dentistry 

Sensitive teeth or a fear of the dentist can cause many of us to delay the care we need, increasing the risk of serious oral health issues

If you suffer from dental anxiety or extreme sensitivity, sedation dentistry can allow you to experience the most comfortable dental appointment you have ever had

Learn how sedation dentistry at Sharp Smile Center has helped patients in greater Portage, MI, and Kalamazoo get the dentistry they need...

3 Benefits of Choosing a Dentist Who Offers Sedation

Get the Care You Need

Often, the emotional or physical discomfort felt during dental treatment can keep patients from pursuing vital care. We understand your concerns, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate, gentle dentistry. If anxiety has caused you to put off your regular dental care, a sedation dentist can help you receive the necessary care and protect your oral health

Feel Relaxed—Inside & Out

With our safe, effective sedation choices, your procedure with Sharp Smile Center can be the most pleasant treatment experience you have ever had. You can undergo your procedure in a state of deep relaxation, and not become fully aware until you are back home with a restored smile. Like many anxious patients, you may have heightened post-operative sensitivity. However, sedation can effectively help to reduce discomfort both during and after your treatment.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Many Portage and Kalamazoo patients are worried about how they will respond to the sedatives. Because we offer nitrous oxide and oral medication, you don't have to worry about "going under." With either option, you can expect to be conscious, but deeply relaxed. Oral conscious sedation achieves a state of near-sleep and will take several hours to completely subside, but nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately.

Dr. Michael Sharp describes sedation dentistry, also called “dream sleep dentistry.” This service has been a tremendous help for many of his patients who had previously avoided getting dental care.

Ready to Experience Relaxation at the Dentist?

dr. sharp

Visit Our Dental Practice

Have you always been afraid of the dentist? At Sharp Smile Center, we are dedicated to providing a pleasant experience through comfortable and caring dentistry. Dr. Michael Sharp has received advanced sedation dentistry training to offer this service to Portage, MI, and Kalamazoo patients. He is also a member of several prestigious organizations, including: 

-American Dental Association
- Crown Council
- Michigan Dental Association

Are you ready to get relief from a toothache or other painful dental condition? Do you want to learn more about how we can make your appointment calm and relaxing? Request a dental consultation online or call us at:

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Over 100 5-Star Google Reviews


Paul H.

September 2019

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Greatest Dental Team on the planet, I am an anxious Dental Patient but with their strong desire to make me comfortable, I am in the middle of full implants with great hopes for the future. Thanks Dr. Mike and crew!!!

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Rick D.

May 2019

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Awesome Dentist!! and wonderful staff.  Went in to get a wayward wisdom tooth out...they worked me into their very busy pain, and very caring technicians.  Jane (Sytek) my wife has been going there for I know why!  Rick Davies

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Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?


Dental sedation can especially help patients with dental anxiety caused by previous trauma or a fear of the noises, smells, and sensations experienced in a dental practice.

Strong Gag Reflex

Patients who suffer from a strong gag reflex have a hard time receiving dentistry without feeling intense discomfort. For these patients, this medication can provide immense relief.

Lengthy Dental Procedures

Sedation dentistry can also be very beneficial if you are preparing for a lengthy procedure such as multiple-tooth replacement or multiple-tooth extraction. With sedation, we can perform several procedures in one treatment. This reduces the need for multiple visits to the dentist and helps you stay calm during the lengthiest procedures. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

woman in dentist's chairWhile dental anxiety, physical discomfort, and complex treatment plans typically lead patients to consider sedation, not everyone is a good candidate for sedation.

During your visit, our dentist will evaluate your medical history and determine whether there are any allergies, medical conditions, or other issues that can affect the safety of your sedation. If you are pregnant, we typically recommend waiting until after you give birth to receive sedation. If you have any allergies, be sure to discuss them with Dr. Sharp during your dental appointment at our office serving greater Portage, MI. 

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

When administered by a highly qualified dentist like Dr. Sharp, sedation is safe. Sharp Smile Center can provide customized sedation dentistry to patients in the Portage, MI, and Kalamazoo communities to help them receive the treatment they need in total comfort. During your dental visit, we will closely monitor your heart rate and vitals to ensure your safety. You can expect nitrous oxide to wear off very quickly after treatment. If you receive oral conscious sedation, you will need to arrange a ride home and plan to rest for the remainder of the day because the effects subside much more slowly.

What Types of Sedatives Do We Offer?

Sedation is a unique service that requires the care of a qualified dentist. Dr. Michael Sharp has received advanced dental training and is able to provide both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for your comfort.


Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a mild form of conscious sedation. The gas is odorless and colorless on its own, and is more commonly known as laughing gas.

Oral Conscious

This conscious sedation method is administered in a pill form. When this medication is administered by a qualified practitioner such as Dr. Sharp, oral sedation is very safe and very effective.

Combination of Both

For patients with extreme dental anxiety, we can combine the two sedative solutions for more significant levels of relaxation.

Which Type Is Right for You?

During your consultation at our dental office serving Portage and Kalamazoo, Dr. Sharp will talk to you about your anxieties, the extent of dental care you need, and your health history. Based on these factors, he can help you decide which type of sedation is best for your needs.

What to Expect Under Sedation

nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide

We administer nitrous oxide through a small face mask. The effects become noticeable quickly, producing deep relaxation and feelings of euphoria. Because nitrous oxide is a mild option, it will wear off quickly, leaving your system soon after treatment. You will be able to drive yourself home from your appointment.

Oral Conscious

If you choose oral conscious sedation, we will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to take at home before your appointment. When it takes effect, you will enter a state of "twilight sleep," or near-sleep. In this state, you will remain responsive, but you will not be fully aware of what is going on around you. Time will pass very quickly, and you will have little, if any, memory of your procedure. Because oral sedation will affect your cognitive ability and take some time to fully subside, you should find someone to drive you to and from the office.

Praise from Sharp Smile Center Patients


Veronica O.

January 2019

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I never thought coming to the dentist would be something I look forward to. From my first consult to the removal of my wisdom teeth with sedation to my regular care— every appointment, every procedure, every staff member has been absolutely excellent. 100% recommended

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Morgan C.

October 2018

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The staff is very friendly and makes the experience very comfortable and easy. Dr. Sharp is also a wonderful, educated man. I trust him with the well being of my smile.

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Dr. Sharp

Sharp Smile Center

Dr. Michael Sharp believes in using his advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better—inside and out. Dr. Sharp belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including:

-American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
-International Congress of Oral Implantologists
-American Dental Association
-American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

We invite you to request a consultation online or call us at (269) 344-4004 today.
Dr. Michael Sharp

Sharp Smile Center

Dr. Michael Sharp believes in using his advanced dentistry skills and top-of-the-line dental technology to help people change their lives for the better—inside and out. Dr. Sharp belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including:
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
We invite you to request a consultation online or call us at (269) 344-4004 today.

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"Eight implants and many crowns later, I have a smile to be proud of. With the aid of sedation, we got a lot done in a short time. THANK YOU Dr. Sharp and staff for getting me through my dental problems." Gene

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