The Benefits of Orthotropics

As compared to traditional methods of straightening teeth, orthotropics boasts substantial as well as long-lasting benefits. In addition to providing a more beautiful smile, orthotropic treatment can improve general oral function and create more symmetrical facial features. At Sharp Smile Center in Portage, MI, our team offers orthotropics to help children avoid more extensive and invasive orthodontic treatment in the future. Dr. Michael Sharp and can often diagnose potential issues with oral posture in early childhood and craft a preventative treatment plan to ensure teeth grow in straight and healthy.

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Orthotropics can guide your child's teeth into their proper position.

How Orthotropics Differs from Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening teeth after issues have already arisen. Often, this type of treatment involves extractions or even jaw surgery to achieve the desired results. In contrast, orthotropics guides facial growth to ensure the upper and lower jaw develop properly. It treats the underlying causes of issues such as mouth breathing, snoring, and crooked teeth rather than the symptoms. Unlike traditional orthodontics, orthotropics is conservative and non-surgical. 

Functional Benefits

Orthotropic treatment creates more than a straight smile. This option can address a range of issues, including:

Since orthotropics focuses on improving oral posture, many patients see a vast improvement in any related symptoms. Adjusting the jaw can open airways for easier breathing, especially during sleep. In addition, proper jaw positioning can facilitate chewing, speaking, and swallowing. When your teeth fit together properly, your smile can function more naturally and effectively.

Aesthetic Benefits

Jaw misalignment and crooked teeth can affect the overall appearance of your child’s face. When the jaw is too far forward or backward, it alters the symmetry of facial features. Orthotropics focuses on aligning the jaws, which can result in a more proportional face and a stronger profile. 

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional orthodontics, orthotropic treatment offers a range of health and aesthetic benefits.

Often, patients with jaw misalignment appear to have a weak or underdeveloped chin. Traditionally, correcting jaw misalignment involved corrective jaw surgery. For many patients, Dr. Sharp  can use orthotropics to achieve the same results without surgery. 

Lasting Results

Patients who undergo traditional orthodontics typically need to wear retainers or other devices for years after their treatment finishes. These devices maintain the position of teeth achieved during treatment. Orthotropics, on the other hand, retrains the muscles in the face and jaw. For many patients, this training means the results of their treatment are permanent, allowing them to enjoy straighter teeth for the rest of their lives.

Improve Oral Health

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional orthodontics, orthotropic treatment offers a range of health and aesthetic benefits. However, this method is most effective with young patients, under the age of 10. Achieving positive results also requires consistent cooperation from patients. Our team at Sharp Smile Center can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of orthotropics with you during an initial consultation and help you determine if this treatment is right for your child. For more information, contact our team online or call (269) 344-4004 today. 

Dr. Michael Sharp

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